Thankful for These Authors

Authors inspire me, and I am thankful for their dedication to creativity and craft.

Here are several that have left a long and lasting impact on my writing and my life:

Beverly Cleary - Who doesn't love a character like Ramona and all the kids who live on Klickitat Street?  These characters inspire me to find and develop the authentic realness of the characters in my own books.

Kate DiCamillo - Is there a better example of the beauty of words than the ones DiCamillo chooses to tell the story of The Tiger Rising?  I don't think so.  Her heartfelt story meets creative word choice, and I am inspired to endeavor to do the same when I write.

Joan Bauer - Do characters and stories full of hope and courage inspire you?  They inspire me, and Hope Was Here is one of the best!  Bauer's writing takes everyday, real-life characters and tells stories full of heart and soul.

Anne Lamott - Do you ever need encouragement when a task seems too big?  Lamott's Bird by Bird reminds readers that every project, big or small, is accomplished little by little by little.  When I'm in the midst of an overwhelming rough draft or frustrating revision, and I've lost my way, I remember I can do it if I just go "bird by bird."

Martha Alderson - What writer doesn't need reminders about creating compelling plots?  My copy of Alderson's The Plot Whisperer is always nearby, especially when I am beginning a new project.  Her training on craft is not just inspiring, but her expert advice is extremely practical and helps me turn my creative, rough-draft thoughts into workable manuscripts with strong, defined plots.

So this Thanksgiving month, I highlight these authors in a gesture of gratitude and appreciation!  Check out their books, and you'll probably want to thank them too!

Happy Reading & Writing,

Nancy J. Cavanaugh


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