Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Don't Make Me Choose!

 by Jody Feldman

Each morning I find myself contemplating an ever-changing list of things I'm grateful for. While it always starts with family and friends, it may include such wide-ranging thoughts as puffy clouds, warm chocolate chip cookies, comfortable shoes, fresh metaphors, a stranger's smile, or the fact that the song currently playing in my mind is actually one I like.

No problem with that, right? The problem only creeps up when we get to the most fun part of school visits: Q&A. It rarely fails. One kiddo or another will ask, "What/who is your favorite"  I want to stop them right there. Truth is, I don't have a single favorite anything. I love lots of things, and that list frequently changes. 

When they ask about my favorite color, for example, I'll explain my affinity for combinations, like fire colors of red/orange/white, perfect-day colors of spring green/deep sky blue, the slightly offbeat yellow/purple combination; or even that I love the word cerulean, the way it bounces off the tongue. For food, I might mention (at least, today) pizza, watermelon, enchiladas, fried chicken, panang curry, mashed potatoes, chicken piccata, a good burger, the happiness that lives inside cookies, and and and...

However, when they ask about favorite books and authors -- especially, which ones inspire me -- I've actually come up with an answer. It takes the form of ever-changing, ever-growing slides. (Yay, PowerPoint!)

So, this month, surprise! I will not highlight an author or a book or even a genre that I'm grateful for. Instead, I'll share just two of my presentation slides with you. Each book here holds a certain magic for me. And sometimes, magic is better left unexplained.*

*If you'd really like to know the whys behind a title or two, though, happy to explain. Just ask.


  1. What a list! I actually just finished GHOST not too long ago. :)

    1. I actually love looking at these slides from time to time, remembering bits and pieces and especially all the feelings. Ghost, yes!

  2. I love so many of those titles, and have even taught those books to 5th graders. As a teacher, I do it mainly as a read aloud so I could stop and have a discussion with the class! My favorite part of that time was when we had to stop and they BEG for one more chapter!

    1. One more chapter ... that always makes our day!