Sunday, September 20, 2020

When I Hit the Road: A Story Full of Grandma Memories

Some of my fondest memories are of times I spent with my grandparents - playing cards and board games, baking and cooking together, or taking a special trip somewhere. It didn't seem to matter what we did while we were together; the time always turned into something special. It's those heartfelt memories that inspired my newest novel, When I Hit the Road

The story of Samantha's madcap road trip with her karaoke-loving grandma turns into a wild, summer of wacky memories. In order to survive the trip, Samantha comes face to face with the fact that, at times, she can be her own worst enemy. 

Samantha records everything that happens along the way in "Dear Me" letters to her future self, and thankfully she does, because by the end of the summer, she knows she'll want to have a record of every, single detail. 

Middle grade readers will love riding along in the backseat with Samantha while she and Gram's new best friend Mimi, as well as one other mystery guest, make their way through the rural roads of south Florida experiencing one mishap after another. Samantha's story will remind readers that the unplanned and unexpected often make for the most fun and the absolute, best memories.

Happy Reading and Travelling and Memory Collecting,

Nancy J. Cavanaugh    

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  1. Just requested this book and it's available!. Thank goodness, because I've exceeded my hold count and can't place any more books on hold at this time.