Saturday, September 12, 2020

Books and Their Content in Surprising Places by Darlene Beck Jacobson


As authors we might sometimes wonder if anyone other than friends and loved ones read what we write. With so many books out there in the world, does anyone care about the scribbles of us unrecognized and little-known authors?

I got a really nice reminder that we never know what impact our writing will have. The State of New York has purchased licensing rights to use excerpts from my first book of historical fiction WHEELS OF CHANGE, on their state tests for students. 

Remember back to those tests and passages we often read for comprehension back when we were in school? It is humbling and thrilling to think that something I've written will be seen by thousands of kids. Even if it is just for tests that many kids dread. Maybe one kid, or teacher, or classroom will find the passage intriguing enough to want to read the entire book.


So, whatever you do...don't stop writing. We never know what kind of impact our stories may have for the future.


  1. That is so true, Darlene. It is nice when we get a nice reminder, whether it be from a comment or review from a reader, or being picked for tests. When I started writing, my goal was to get published by a regular publisher. But knowing that many readers have read my words (through writing a children's column in a magazine) satisfies me. More people have read my words through my columns than will ever read my published books. No matter how we do it, getting our stories out for children to read is what counts.

  2. I absolutely agree Janet. Thanks for taking time to share your experiences.

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