My New Writing Buddy (Holly Schindler)

Let's face it: the writing life is just better with an animal around. Gus came into my life last Labor Day. He's the same breed as Jake, my last dog, but he's soooo different. The last few months have been all about learning (and falling in love with) this little guy's own quirks.

Gus is the friendliest dog I've ever had. But he's also just about the kookiest. He's really bad at barking. I didn't even know that was a thing. But he's just no good at it. He tries to imitate the neighborhood dogs, and what comes out is a strange aiuwaahahwuah or a flat-out scream. And then he looks up at me with such pride in his face, like he's ready for me to tell him how incredibly great that just was. It's like a really bad American Idol audition.

He's also smart and sweet, and he likes to get in bed around 3 am (when I'm too tired to argue), and he chews my fingers when it's time to get up. He loves walks and cats and cheese, and every day offers something new. Bunnies to chase. The street to watch through the storm door.

And the thing is, no matter how crazy the world might seem, he's a constant reminder that there is still all sorts of sweetnesses in it too.


  1. Gus looks awesome! Give him some good ear scritchems from me and my reading buddy, Sylvie!


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