Meet Hubert, The Printer Mascot

Don’t know where I got him.
Can’t remember who named him
or who put him on my printer to begin with.
But here he sits, watching over every keystroke.
He sees all the moments:
the genius,
the frustration,
the 10-hour writing days,
and the ones that should be at least 2 hours,
but turn into solitaire marathons.
He doesn’t judge,
doesn’t celebrate.
Occasionally, however,
he reminds me that even when I want to write 
at 348 mph or more
because I really, really want to submit something
it’s slow and steady,
creative and innovative,
good enough isn’t good enough
that wins the writing race.

--Jody Feldman


  1. Love this Jody. reminds me of the sweet and wonderful PB TRUMAN. Everyone should have a writing mascot....wonder if my lobster finger puppet will do the trick?


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