Let's Talk Titles and Covers

For this month's topic, I'm going to brag a little about the fabulously talented and creative people at Sourcebooks who do so much to make my books far better than I could on my own.  I'm blessed enough to be the author of four middle grade books, all of which have been published by Sourcebooks/Jabberwocky.  Each one of those books has received a title created by my editor, and each title has an awesome cover designed by the artists and freelancers who make my books look more amazing than I could have ever imagined.

While working on my debut novel, my title for it was simply Ratchet.  My editor Aubrey Poole came up with This Journal Belongs to Ratchet.  As soon as she suggested it, I loved it!  And as soon as I saw this cover, I was over the moon.

My working title for my second novel was more like a tongue twister - Sixth Grade Lists and Letters and Lots Lots More.  Aubrey did her magic once more with the amazingly creative - Always, Abigail.  Again, in an instant, I was in love with another title and cover.

My summer camp story I called Camp Sisters.  The consensus was that title was "too quiet."  As a result, Aubrey proposed Just Like Me, and my third book and its wonderful cover came to life. 

By the time I was writing the book I called Saving Elsie Mae, I was working with my new editor at Sourcebooks, Steve Geck.  He came up with Elsie Mae Has Something to Say, and it was time for me to fall in love with another new title and cover.


Besides titles and covers, 
the entire Sourcebooks Team does so much to take each one of my books to a level I never even thought was possible.  
That's why being a Sourcebooks author really rocks!

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