Thursday, May 23, 2019

Imagination Station: Smack Dab in the Imagination by Dia Calhoun

I love the phrase Imagination Station--the playfulness, the rhyme, the meaning. Whoever thought of that was abounding in imagination.

We should all create our own Imagination Stations. As a writer I especially like the parallel with a train station. I can pull into my Imagination Station when ever I'm stuck on a project to figure out a next chapter, plot element, or even a new story.

I think I'll start with a medium size station, with say, seven platforms. All connect to a train heading to different destinations. I'll hop on one and see where it goes. Then I'll return to the station and hop on a different train until I find my way.

Einstein hopped an imaginary train to "ride on a beam of light" as he delved into his theory of relativity. Consider how many platforms he must have had in that genius mind!

Create an Imagination Station for kids at home, in a classroom. Have it filled with colored pencils, paper, scissors, clay, books, old magazines for collage.

An Imagination Station is a point of departure. Where will you go?