Writing With the Best Distractions by Deborah Lytton

I find that my best writing happens when I can block out long periods of time and just write. Then I can immerse myself in the story and characters. This only happens without distractions if I write in the middle of the night or really early in the morning when it is still dark outside. Otherwise, I have to write whenever I can. Frequently, this involves scribbling in a notebook while I am sitting in the car or waiting for muffins to bake. In those moments, I remind myself that distractions are the best parts of life and they can become central to the writing itself. Many moments with my daughters have found their way into the pages of my books and experiences with my dog have been used as springboards for some of the humor in my latest series, Ruby Starr.
Lately, I have a brand new distraction because we got our first kitten. She is really keeping me busy! Whenever I decide to write, she decides that it's time to play in her water bowl or knock over my cup of pencils. In finding a way back to my creativity afterwards, I am reinforcing my own commitment to storytelling. This renews my purpose and energizes me. In many ways, the distractions encourage me to use my time wisely and to enjoy every moment I have to create stories. And honestly, the distractions are the best reward of all.


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