Pub Day! by Deborah Lytton

Today, I am happy to be celebrating the release of my third book in the Ruby Starr series, THE GREAT MUSEUM MIX-UP AND OTHER SURPRISE ENDINGS (Sourcebooks Jabberwocky).

Ruby's latest adventure takes her on a field trip to the Natural History Museum. There, Ruby and her friends plan a great escape so they can search for clues to the last unicorn. Only escaping from the field trip isn’t as easy as it sounds. Ruby and her friends Siri, Jessica, Daisy, and Charlotte get sort of mixed-up along the way. But with imagination and friendship, they might find the secret to the last unicorn after all. 

I have truly enjoyed writing this series because Ruby shares my love of books and reading. Characters in her favorite books become her friends, and often she imagines herself in the pages of a story. Jeanine Murch has created incredible illustrations that bring Ruby's dreams to life and allow readers a glimpse into Ruby's imagination. Writing the books has allowed me to honor all the authors, librarians, and teachers who have touched my own life through books. The Ruby Starr series is a celebration of reading and friendship. 

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