Never Not a Lovely Moon--Smack Dab in the Imagination by Dia Calhoun

Never Not a Lovely Moon: The Art of Being Your Self by Caroline McHugh has my imagination delighted. McHugh has a fresh and inspiring way of taking a familiar idea and flipping it--to startling effect.

Image result for never not a lovely moon My favorite line, and one that caused a young woman I mentor in creative writing to say, "wow," is this: "...become a verb, so you can do who you be."  Do who you be. That certainly fires my imagination. I know that living from the inside out has always been my goal. I just never put it so succinctly.

Another favorite is, "The moment you arrived in the world, you were sentenced to life." Love the resonance of meanings in that simple line. 

The book is graphic art at it's best. Filled with provoking dye-cuts, folds, and with page turns worth of a picture book. It's pricey. But try to get your hands on a copy. 


  1. You have such great recommendations. I need to check this out.


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