Begin a New Year by Writing Reviews For Beloved Books

Last January I began the year with a personal challenge to write a review for  books from authors I admire. I know some of these titles fall out of the range of middle grade, but the idea was to lift up those mid-list authors whose works are worthy of recognition.  So please excuse the slight breach from strictly MG. You'll recognize a few Smack Dab authors on this list.

You can read about the challenge here:
I am happy to say that I posted EIGHTEEN REVIEWS for PB, MG , and YA books and even gifted three of them in contest give-aways. Here is the list of titles I reviewed – in no particular order  – all of them amazing reads and worthy of recognition.
  1. CAN I TOUCH YOUR HAIR?  by Irene Latham and Charles Waters (poems)
  2. 101 BOOKS TO READ BEFORE YOU GROW UP  by Bianca Schulze (book list for kids)
  3. SCOOP THE ICE CREAM TRUCK by Patricia Keeler (PB)
  4. THE WILD ROBOT ESCAPES by Peter Brown (MG)
  5. SAM & EVA by Debbi Ohi (PB)
  6. GRANDMOTHER THORN by Katey Howes (PB)
  7. ECOSYSTEM by Josh Bellin (YA)
  8. 7 ATE 9 by Tara Lazar (PB)
  9. COUNTING ON KATHERINE  by Helaine Becker (PB)
  10. JUST ONE THING by Nancy Viau (MG)
  11. QUINCY THE CHAMELEON by Barbara DiLorenzo (PB)
  12. WHAT THE NIGHT SINGS by Vesper Stamper (YA)
  13. LOVE IS KIND by Laura Sassi (PB)
  14. I REMEMBER YOU: A RUBY’S PLACE NOVEL  by Holly Schindler (adult romance)
  15. THE ART OF BEING REMMY  by Mary Zisk (MG)
  16. A PROMISE STITCHED IN TIME by Colleen Kosinski (MG)
  18. ALL THE LOVELY CHILDREN by Andrew Nance (YA)
I read more than FIFTY books, but managed to write reviews on the above 18.  I hope to do better this year and spread the word about great books, and under-represented authors.
Care to join me? Next time you read a book that you love, let the author know in the best way possible: write a few sentences telling him or her what you enjoyed about the story, and share it on Goodreads or Amazon. Take it from me, it will make a writer’s day and let other readers know about great books.


  1. Hi Darlene. This is such a good idea. I write more reviews than I used to - before I became an author. They are important and mean a lot to the author. So many times people say to me, "Oh, I loved your book, etc." I ask them to write a review and they say they will, but don't. Most of my reviews I have put on my blog (MMGM), but I think now I will copy them and put them on Amazon. I went over to your blog and became an email follower. By the way, I love historical fiction! My book, Duck and Cover, is historical fiction. Now - onto writing more reviews.

    1. I will definitely check out your book Janet. I love discovering new historical fiction titles.

  2. Thanks SO MUCH for this important reminder. Even if we just write a brief review that only takes us five minutes to complete, it means so much to the author - and her sales.


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