The Ultimate Imaginary Friend: Smack Dab in the Imagination by Dia Calhoun

 “She has a wonderful imagination.” That’s one of the most common adjectives used to describe a powerful imagination. But that’s vague. There are many kind of imaginations. By defining the kind of imagination you want, you can cultivate and develop it. 

Start by making your imagination a friend—the ultimate imaginary friend. Do you want her to be creative? Wacky? Wild? Is she red-haired and outgoing? Dark-eyed and dreamy? Will she make you laugh or sing?

What kind of adventures do you want to have with her? Would she take you to street fairs and open mike nights? Or cathedrals of forests? To strange islands over seas swimming with fantastic fish or cities you’ve never heard of before?

Grab you bus pass, your library card, and your flying shoes, and go! See what your imagination wants to become.