In Which Dr. Seuss Helps Define My Writing Space

Where I write: it could be a (very bad) Dr. Seuss book:

I can write under a star
I can write in my car
I can write anywhere
near or far!

I'm actually far too restless to write in any one place. I've got one of those brains that needs variety! freshness! something new! (I'm like this with food and exercise, too.)

For me, routine very often means “rut” and depression for. Which is fine for being a writer! Because what practice is more portable than writing? All I need is my brain (which I happen to carry around with me most of the time anyway), my heart (yep, still thumping), and some way to record my thoughts. Sometimes that's a notebook and pen. Most times it's my computer. In the middle of the night it's the Notes feature on my phone. I could be anywhere!

In an airport
On a plane
In the bathtub
riding across Spain...

I do have spots I return to again, and again, like this one, especially this time of year:

Happy writing, all, wherever you are!
Irene Latham is an Alabama author of more than a dozen current and forthcoming poetry, fiction and picture books for children and adults, including Leaving Gee's Bend, 2011 ALLA Children's Book of the Year and Can I Touch Your Hair? Poems of Race, Mistakes and Friendship (with Charles Waters). Winner of the 2016 ILA Lee Bennett Hopkins Promising Poet Award, she also serves as poetry editor for the Birmingham Arts Journal


  1. This weekend I was moved by the Holocaust Museum in DC. Where could I write? I ended up scribbling it into a small notebook (one must always have one of these handy) then typing it out on docs in my phone. Not ideal, but I got my thoughts down. I love your Dr. Seussical poem.

  2. For me, different projects take me to different writing places. Whatever it takes to get those words onto paper...


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