The 'Best' Advice?

By Charlotte Bennardo

So our theme this month is the best advice we've gotten (and passing it along to you.)

  • Write what you know
  • SBICAW (Sit Butt in Chair and Write) 
  • Write it first, revise later.
  • Write what interests you.
  • Don't write other people's stories
  • Write every day

There is a ton or more of advice about writing: not using cliches, use active verbs, don't overuse dialog tags, etc. All these are great points for writer, but the piece of advice I give when asked, and what I live by, is:


There's no "Some day when..." because somehow that someday never arrives. I've heard uncountable excuses, reasons, and stories why people who want to write can't. It's b.s. I wrote my first novel during my lunch break when I was working full time, going to school at night, was married, and had a home to take care of. When the kids came along, I wrote during soccer/baseball/taekwondo/fencing
practice. I snuck in sentences while waiting for the cable guy/plumber/appliance repairman. After dinner, I stole a few minutes to jot down some words. 

Why not make a time line of your routine and schedule writing time, even if it's only in 15 minute blocks? You make time for manicures or a night at the ballpark; you can block off some time to write, and those 15 minute blocks can add up.

And here's my advice: channeling my inner Kate Beckinsale from the movie Von Helsing when a vampiress yammers on about killing her, but Kate slides the stake in while said vampiress is waxing poetic instead of killing:



  1. This is IT. The true secret to being a writer--just writing. There is no perfect time to write. You just gotta do it.

  2. So true and I find that once I get to it, and the words start to add up, I wonder why I hesitated to start...until the next time it comes around. Writing is an itch that won't be satisfied until you...write.


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