Advice from the Heart by Deborah Lytton

I once had the opportunity to interview the dynamic writer and activist Terri Farley about two of my favorite subjects--writing and horses, specifically wild mustangs.

Terri gave me this advice in our interview:

"We are one book away from changing the world; it might as well be yours."

I printed this quote out and placed it on the bulletin board near my desk. Her words are a reminder that as writers, we can change the world through words on a page. We have the opportunity to inspire thoughts that can turn into action for the young people that read our work. I think about this when I begin a new manuscript. What do I want to say to my readers?

Terri's words are also a reminder that you are unlimited in your potential as a writer.

We can write that one book that will change the world, if only we dare.


  1. I think I need this quote beside my computer, too.

  2. Excellent advice! I am a big fan of Terri Farley, too!


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