Monday, August 7, 2017


Tell us all about the GAMER SQUAD series.
GAMER SQUAD is a fun adventure series about a group of gamer kids who have to save their town from mobile game related disasters. The books have humor and heart, portray friendship ups and downs, encourage girls in STEM, and focus on a love for community. I have had a ton of fun writing them and can’t wait to hear what readers think!
You're a lifelong gamer--how did that play into the inspiration / drafting of the GAMER SQUAD? Is your son old enough to game yet? Did he have any editorial input into the series?
My husband, my teenage son, and I are all varying degrees of gamers. I actually got the idea for this series while playing a game with my son! I definitely ran some plot points past both of them and used them as sounding boards, which was a whole lot of fun. If I could go back in time to the ‘80s and tell little me (who was probably playing a game on my Commodore 64) that I would one day write a book series about a group of gaming kids who save their town…little me would be delighted. It’s been so much fun to write these books, both for the kids out there now and the little kid inside me.
What's your take on screen time and kids?
I think, as with most things, it’s best in moderation. I try to remind myself of that daily. ;)
Each book comes with its own unique challenges. What was hard / unique about writing the GAMER SQUAD? What surprised you? 
All of my other books have been mysteries. GAMER SQUAD is my first project that’s more of an adventure series. So it was different to write and plan. I didn’t have to think about clues and planting red herrings, but I had to learn how to write without having the structure of a mystery to hold onto.
Releasing two books on the same day--I'm intrigued by this idea! Tell us about the decision to release the first two at once.
I love that Sterling released the first two books in the series on the same day (August 1st). I don’t know the details about what went into the decision from their perspective, but for me I love it for many reasons. With middle grade series, by the time the next book comes out, you’ve lost some readers who have aged out and are now reading YA. So I love that kids can move right on to the next book if they loved the first. No waiting! I also think the beginning of August is a great time for this. These books are wonderful summer choices for reluctant readers. They’re fun, adventurous, and humorous!
What's in store for the next book in the series?
After the Gamer Squad saves the town from not-so-virtual monsters in book one, we move from summer to the first month of school. In book two (CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE NERD KIND), the kids are hooked on a new game called Alien Invasion. When they go on a field trip to an observatory and play the game too close to a radio telescope, they accidentally summon real aliens to town. And in book three (APP OF THE LIVING DEAD) the kids must save their town from zombies and the game development company that has been causing all this trouble.

Thanks so much for joining us, Kim!

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  1. Gamer Squad sounds wonderful and the covers are really engaging. Congratulations on their release.