Infinite Quest -- by Jane Kelley

I always post on the 8th day of the month. Today it's the 8th day of the 8th month -- an infinite infinite  -- if there were such a thing.  Actually, in writing a story there is.

Anything is possible when we create. There are an infinite number of stories and an infinite number of ways to tell those stories. That's exciting! That's overwhelming! How can we decide without writing an infinite number of drafts to test them all out?

In my current work in progress, kids journey from one part of Manhattan to Brooklyn. As you can see from this map, there are infinite routes they could take. Every block teems with possibilities for adventures.

I narrowed down my choices by giving myself some parameters. They might be useful for you too. Even if your W.I.P. isn't a trek, your characters will be on some sort of journey. 

1. What locations fit my themes?  In my W.I.P. I want to celebrate the vibrancy of NYC. So the characters MUST visit Times Square. They can skip the lobby of the Plaza Hotel.

2. What pathways give my characters the best chance to be active?  A carriage ride through Central Park is pleasant, but if they can't drive the carriage or ride the horse, then it's better if they walk.

3. What events are fun for the reader? And by fun, I mean scary, exciting, suspenseful, and humorous? I like to insert treats along the way. Where and how will we find them? 

4. What's logical? One step will lead to another. My characters won't be finding a wormhole that takes them from Times Square to Chinatown. 


No--I'll stick to my humorous adventure and let someone else write that one. 

It took a while, but I have my characters' trip planned. Now all I have to do is select which of the infinite sights, sounds, smells to describe to bring NYC to life!


  1. I love that line "anything is possible when we create." So often, we're so filled with doubts about our work--it's nice to remember truly ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing which fabulous NYC journey your characters end up taking when this work-in-progress hits the shelves!


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