MEET CLINT McCOOL by Jane Kelley

Introducing my new chapter book series --- THE ESCAPADES OF CLINT McCOOL.

Jessika von Innerebner did the fabulous illustrations. I'm thrilled with how she brought Clint McCool and all the other characters to life.

This is my first chapter book series. Writing it presented different sorts of challenges. Clint's a boy! And furthermore he's impulsive, wild, and pretty much the opposite of me. Now it's true that I often asked my husband Lee to suggest some reckless ideas. But I also discovered that I enjoyed leaving my comfort zone and venturing into a world of superheroes, monsters, and alligators.

Here's how Clint McCool does it.

His best friend Marco made this cap to help Clint McCool control his powers. Even with those buttons, his ideas get him into trouble. Zing! zong! zing! It'll take another brain flash to save the day.

I'm a writer. Thinking of things is my job and my joy. Clint McCool is a kid. Unfortunately there isn't always a place for creativity in children's lives. Kids now have academic and social pressures that didn't exist when I was growing up. Luckily more people are recognizing the importance of play and finding ways to make it part of education. 

Imagination is a super power. When we use our brains, we can manipulate time, walk through walls, increase our strength, save lives, and travel to parallel worlds. In fact, imagination can help humans do just about anything.

Except no matter how hard he tries, Clint McCool can't defeat his archenemy -- his baby sitter, Mrs. Brussels. 

Her brain is pretty powerful, too. Only she uses hers to remember all the embarrassing things he did when he was little. And also that his name isn't really Clint McCool. It's Wallie. 

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  1. What a delightful series Jane. Congratulations!

  2. Can't wait to read it, Jane. It looks great!

  3. Thanks! I really had fun working on it.

  4. Love that graphic! And that's so true what you said about kids not having room for creativity.


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