Begin Again by Darlene Beck Jacobson

Like many of us, my first published book was not the first novel I wrote.  That remains hidden in a dusty closet where it belongs.  Neither was WHEELS OF CHANGE my first foray into historical fiction.

I've recently dusted off my first historical novel, and after reading it, found some nuggets worth mining.  Some characters worth getting to know better.  Some scenes waiting to take me to new places.

For more than a decade I didn't know what to do with the story.  Yet, always - at seemingly odd moments - the characters voices popped in and out of consciousness, cajoling me, urging me not to give up on them.  They beg for their story to be told.  I can't ignore their voices any longer.

So, I'm giving this "first novel" another go.  I still don't know quite where it will lead me, but so far, I'm enjoying the ride.


  1. So proud of you for dusting off that novel! That takes courage. Who knows what the newest you will bring to the story?? Thinking of you as you journey forth! xo

    1. Thanks Irene and Holly. I will keep you posted as I move forward.

  2. That's awesome! Can't wait to hear more about this one.


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