The Suspense of the Hurricane by Bob Krech

We just moved to Hilton Head Island from New Jersey this summer. We had a ton of renovations done to the house we bought and although they were started in May, they didn’t finish until October 1st. We moved in! Hooray!

Then on Tuesday, October 5th we received a mandatory evacuation order due to Hurricane Matthew. We drove off to North Carolina to stay with our kids in Greensboro until we were allowed back. We got back on October 12th.

But, there was a lot of stomach churning suspense surrounding this event. (Yes, I remembered this month’s theme!) Reflecting on it, I realize most of the suspense centered around unanswered questions that have serious importance to them.

When will Matthew hit?
Will Matthew hit our island?
Will Matthew hit our house?
Will Matthew blow out our windows?
Will Matthew flood our house?
Will we have electricity?
Will we have water?

Now we are back and fortunately no damage was done to the house, but we are dealing with lots of huge trees down. Water and power are back up in our neighborhood and yesterday the sewer system have us the O.K. to flush again. That was a profoundly happy moment!

As one question was answered, two or three more seemed to emerge. It made me think about how that’s not a bad way to write a story. Obstacles and questions continue to emerge as the story goes on. Some are answered happily, others not so much, but one leads to another in pursuit of a conclusion.

In this case the conclusion was a happy one. My final question though -  “Does anyone know a good tree guy?”


  1. Glad you and your family are safe Bob.
    personally, that's the kind of suspense I can live without!


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