To me, one of the all-time scariest things (and I'm being completely serious about this) is not giving everything I could to a project. No novel is completely perfect. But not working to my full potential (and then not learning from the results) would completely, totally horrify me.

It's not any easier when you're your own boss. Think that the only person who can give you crazy deadlines is an editor at a pub house? Totally wrong. When you are your own boss (and you're indie pubbing), you can be far worse than any editor about tight deadlines--and sticking to them.

Right now, I'm in the midst of compiling my 2016 short story collection FOREVER FINLEY. I gotta get back to proofing so I can meet my own deadline! More about the collection next month...

In the meantime, a view of my Halloween getup. That's me as myopic Cleopatra and Jake as a hot dog.