A Different Kind of March Madness by Darlene Beck Jacobson

For me, March Madness has nothing to do with basketball.  The madness is built into the month itself.  So unpredictable.  Unexpected.  As I write this in early March, it is snowing.  Yesterday it was 50 degrees, and three days from now it is supposed to reach 70.   Crocus and daffodils are up in the garden beds.
Water is frozen in the birdbath.  So it goes in March.

What other month can boast a wide contrast of "celebrations"?  St. Patrick's Day, Pi Day, The Ides of March, my own birthday and anniversary, Spring, and this year - Easter.  Lion and lamb days.

March means new beginnings for me.  A time to sweep away dust from old manuscripts, abandon stale ideas or habits.  Open up doors and windows to fresh air, a fresh start and new possibilities.

A new writing adventure doesn't begin with a new year in January.  For me, the ideas spring and bubble up along with the crocuses and seedlings.  Bring on March Madness and let the writing fun begin!


  1. We've got hyacinths in our yard. Best smell in the world...snow predicted for the weekend! Happy writing, Darlene!


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