Writing Epiphanies by Deborah Lytton - January Theme

When I consider epiphanies and how they relate to my writing, I think of my characters' epiphanies.  I love the moment in a character's life when she or he comes to a realization that changes everything.  Experiencing that moment along with a beloved character is the best part of reading.  It's magical.  I try to bring a little bit of that magic to every manuscript I write.  Before I begin a new story, I already know what the moment will be.  I just don't know how it will take shape.  I like to let my characters grow within a story so that the flow directs when the epiphany will take place.  When I do write that scene, I give the words free reign to create what I hope will be a powerful moment for the character and the reader.  The thing I always remind myself is to give the character space.  Space to evolve, space to reflect, space to just be.  These are the scenes I probably spend the most time rewriting.  And these are also the scenes I love most dearly when the manuscript is finished. 

For an exercise in epiphanies, consider your current work-in-progress and ask yourself these questions:  Is your main character having an epiphany?  Have you left clues for the reader so that the reader is eagerly anticipating the moment it will happen?  Did you give it enough space in the manuscript?  Is the scene magical?

I wish you all the best writing in 2016 filled with characters that leap off the page, stories that are unforgettable and worlds nurtured by your imagination.  Happy writing!


  1. Thank you for reminding me that my characters can and should have epiphanies too!

  2. LOVE that point you make about giving your characters space.


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