Epiphanies (January Theme) by Bob Krech

My top 10 writing epiphanies over the years:
1. You don't have to know the ending before you begin.
2. You don't have to take writing courses or have a degree in writing to be a writer.
3. Not every editor or agent will want to get behind your work, but all you need is one.
4. As the author, you usually know best about your story.
5. On the other hand, you need to listen to and seriously consider other opinions.
6. Rewriting can be fun and maybe the most important part of the process.
7. Listen to your characters. Give them room to lead the way.
8. Leaving a story alone for a few weeks or even months really does give you perspective.
9. You don't need long, uninterrupted hours of time to write. It can be done in chunks.
10. You have to deliberately make time for writing, but also realize there are some things that are more important (family, relationships) and will always take precedence. Don't feel guilty.


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