The Neighbor Kids (June Theme - Sarah Dooley)

They rode bikes. 

I rode a rented Summer Pony.

They played kickball.

I chased the Ghosts of Stony Clove.

They laid out in the sun to tan.

I pulled Black Beauty from a burning stable.

I didn't always know how to join a conversation with the other kids.

I didn't always know what they were talking about

when they talked about beach balls and bathing suits,

and they didn't always know what I was talking about

when I talked about Ginny and Mokey

or Ginny and Asher

or Ginger and Merrylegs.

Once in a while, I got up off my red blanket

long enough to toss back a stray Frisbee,

shrugging when they asked whether I was bored,

but smiling as they ran back to their game.

I had a secret hidden in the stack of books to my left.

I had all the adventures one summer could hold.

I lived ten summers in a single school break,

and those other kids only got one.


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