Megan: Summer Utopia

Somehow, it is June 4th. Which means 1) that it is my day to blog here and 2) there are four days until my editor wants my last major revision on my next middle grade novel. Number 2 is how the date snuck up on me, and why I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted on Number 1. (I can actually hear my high school economics teacher saying, "That's a reason, not an excuse.")

The book, The Firefly Five, is set in the future in a utopia. Designing the utopia was perhaps the most fun part of writing the book. I wanted to give these future kids the kind of idyllic childhood I had with days spent exploring the woods, riding bikes, swimming, and  good old fashined "hanging out." I would meet up with my friends and we would range over the neighborhood, watched over by the other adults on the street. In the book, I tried to recreate that feeling.

As summer begins, I hope that all you readers get to recapture that feeling, too. Maybe some of the posts here at Smack Dab in the Middle will remind you of your own childhood and inpsire you to live it again. That's what I plan to do. Once I get these revisions done.


  1. "That's a reason, not an excuse." Love it!. Have a great summer!

  2. I WANT THIS BOOK. I'm so intrigued. Looking forward to finding out how you bring conflict into utopia!


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