Payback Time

As writers, it's a thrill to see our books finally come out into the world.  All of us appreciate the work and time it took to get there.  I'm not merely talking about our writing support groups and the readers who buy our books.  I'm going further back - to school.  Back to the teachers and librarians who turned us on to books and got us hooked as readers, and eventually as writers.  For me, all it took was an A+ on a creative writing assignment.  And, my very own library card.

If it hadn't been for the positive academic experiences I had at school, I might not be where I am today.  Memorial School was a K-8 school with some great and memorable teachers who encouraged writing in all its forms: essays, poetry, outlining, sentence diagramming, story telling, letter writing.  Their encouragement led to a Language Arts Award at 8th Grade graduation, and a life time love of the written word.    

 So, it was a joy for me to go back to my elementary school - Memorial School in Old Bridge Township, NJ - and present the librarian an autographed copy of WHEELS OF CHANGE to share with the student body.

Being able to pass on that feeling to a new generation of readers and writers, and to say "Thank You" - one book at a time - is the best kind of payback I can think of.


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