5 Simple Ways for Writers to Pay it Forward

It can be tough in this Me-Me World for authors to pull away from self promotion and realize that ultimately the meaning and value of our lives comes from how we connect with others-- and this connection is created through a spirit of generosity and compassion. Consider these five simple ways you can give of yourself today:

1. If you enjoy an article or book, tell the author! A simple letter of appreciation is all it takes to make someone positively glow.

I love this book!
You gotta read it!!
2. Champion the books you love. Blog about them, Tweet about them, give them as gifts.

3. Be a cheerleader for beginner writers. Offer your encouragement most of all. Check in. Ask about that project. Share your war stories, your honest feedback, but most of all – MOST OF ALL – your encouragement.

4. Recommend your writer friends for speaking engagements.

5. Volunteer your time and expertise in schools, professional organizations, or in whatever way that feels right to you. This is a highly individual thing, and can be as simple as donating a book to hosting a workshop. *A word of caution: choose your projects carefully – just like when writing a book, be sure it's something you are passionate about! And be honest with yourself... if you're looking at it as a way to get something for yourself on the back end, do us all a favor and don't do that thing! That's not really volunteering, and it's likely to cause you pain and resentment eventually.


  1. Dear Augusta, Thanks for this. It really does help just taking a small amount of time to praise or thank someone.

    I am now your loyal follower!

    All joys,

  2. P.S. A woman from my hometown who was once in my writing group wrote Pay It Forward. Katherine Ryan Hyde. Wow, what an impact. Once, when I was on book tour I stopped at a hotel in Wyoming and saw those words written in gold on the ceiling. Imagine.

  3. Lovely list. And I'm a big Lisa Graff fan, too!


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