Characters by Kristin Levine

Character descriptions are really hard for me.  Sometimes, I can barely describe my own family and friends, much less an imaginary person I've made up!  So I love getting to see what students think my characters look like.  Here are some projects shared with me at a recent school visit to Drew Middle School in Fredericksburg, VA.

Dit from The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had

Emma from The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had
Marlee from The Lions of Little Rock
Sally from The Lions of Little Rock


  1. Wow, those kids did a great job, didn't they?? Helps that you write such great characters, Kristin. xo

  2. I bet that was fun finding out what the students thought they looked like. Were they close to what you imagined them looking like?

  3. Ooh! I love how they used both words and images to explore their ideas. Have you seen the book The Doodle Revolution? The book champions the fact that we need to boost our visual literacy to enhance and organize our verbal literacy. Congrats to these kids for doing such an excellent job of this!

  4. Wow. Really cool being able to see what kids imagine!

  5. Those drawings are wonderful!


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