Valen-time (February Themes, Sarah Dooley)

There are two themes here at Smack Dab this month:  a Valentine to the person who got us writing, or tips on making the most of a short month.  But, being the indecisive writer I am, I've found myself combining the two. So, here it is:  a Valentine to the shortest writing month.

month of the heart,

with dawn and dusk
just hours apart

and heavy clouds
that dump new snow

on top of old
as cold winds blow

leaves little time 
for writer types

to put aside
their winter gripes

and shoveling duties
long enough

to find new words
and write new stuff.

It frustrates us
when days are brief

with chocolate hearts
our sole relief

and daylight fades
before we're through

with all the things
we have to do.

Still, when all 
is said and done,

would our stories
turn out as fun

if they didn't echo  
our winter rage,

hearts and snow drifts
on the page? 

Our characters
know how to love

and throw snowballs
and push and shove

through blinding wind
and bitter cold

To let their winter
tales unfold.

And, let's be honest,
If we were given

The extra time
for which we've striven,

We writer types
would spend all day

On Facebook -- 
Then rush anyway.

Happy February, guys! Spring's got to be almost here, right? 


  1. Ha! You nailed it with this one, Sarah!

  2. Well done Sarah! I love how you combined both topics with such ease...delightful!

  3. "hearts and snowdrifts on the page"..."Valen-time"...This is great!


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