February Snow Ritual by Bob Krech

I have a snow blower. Right around Thanksgiving each year, I pick a relatively warm day,  pull it out of the garage, prime it, and start it up. This is a ritual. If it starts, I know I won't have to use it. Three years in a row this has proven true, including last year. The one year I didn't do this, we had a ton of snow and when I needed it, I couldn't get it started and ended up at a repair shop, but only after I shoveled a foot of snow out of the driveway so I could get there.

This November I performed the ritual as prescribed. The snow blower started like a charm. So, why are we in the midst of a record snowfall here in Central New Jersey?! Why is my school spring break being whittled away by snow days I don't even want any more?! Can't one trust in superstitious, nonsensical rituals anymore?

Two fun things about the snow though. It's great to be out with the neighbors, helping each other and commiserating together. It's one very relaxed social setting. My 14 year old next door neighbor, Thomas always shovels my sidewalk on his side up to my driveway. Which is really sweet considering I have the snow blower and all he has is a shovel. My young chiropractor neighbor across the way hired Thomas to shovel her out, so I headed over and lent Thomas a hand while she told us about her upcoming wedding plans. Not too many social occasions where the three of us would be hanging out together chewing the fat, but there it was. Kind of cool.

The other fun thing about the snow, besides how beautiful it really looks, is that because I am off work and I can't really go anywhere, I am actually getting a LOT of writing done this Feburary. Even this blog. :)


  1. Nothing like being forced indoors to rev up the writing engine. Thanks for the inspiration Bob.

  2. I'm convinced that if I could figure out how make a work-out gadget that provided the same effects of shoveling snow, I'd be a millionaire.

  3. We have the same snow blower ritual. Funny thing...I usually just get up and shovel. I like the sound of shoveling over the blower. But this reminds me of those who suggest writers have a daily ritual to begin and end each writing session. I don't have one. Maybe I should?!?


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