When the Spring Breaks: Bearing the Weight of Your Creativity by Dia Calhoun. March Theme

I saw this fountain on a walk during a break from an amazing day. I'd worked on three different creative projects. When I saw the stone woman, I understood why, though I felt exhilarated, I also felt exhausted.

The stone woman holds a vase spilling bright streams of water. She holds it on her shoulder. Her creativity is a great gift flowing out of her to bring beauty to the world. She loves it, is blessed by it, and yet is also bowed by its weight.
I named her Eustress. Wikipedia defines eustress as “positive cognitive response to stress that is healthy, or gives one a feeling of fulfillment or other positive feelings."

Yes. But it is still stress.

As wonderful as it is to feel your creative power flowing, as exhilarating as it is to be a ringing bell, both take their toll. For unless the stone woman is strong enough to hold the bright water surging through her, she will fall. Unless the bell tower is strong enough to hold the bell, it will fall.

 I don't know how to rest from the creative stream. I'll be writing about that next week in my 7:30 BELLS series on my blog. if you have any ideas on how to rest, let me know.


  1. I appreciate your thoughtful post, Dia. It is tricky to balance our productivity with our capacity. Wishing you a way to find rest amidst your creative energy.

  2. I'm with you--I have no idea how to rest. NONE.


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