Avoidance or Reward? Taking a Break (March Theme) by Bob Krech

I understand about staying in my seat and doing the writing, but I also appreciate that sometimes you have to take a break. I am two thirds of the way through revising a book that has twenty-one chapters. Most days I can stay at the computer for a whole chapter. That's usually my goal at this stage of the revisions. If I hit the goal I give myself a break/reward. I think that's reasonable. Here are some of my recent break time activity/rewards in no particular order; downstairs to kitchen for popcorn, youtube "Epic Rap Battles of History," do laundry, youtube Macklemore videos, take out trash, do sit ups, eat blueberries, read a few pages from a book I'm in the middle of (The Sense of an Ending), walk in the neighborhood, make green tea, e-mail my kids at college, check my e-mail, read newspaper, check physical mailbox, watch an episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix (very hard to just watch one), read from an old favorite book (ie; The Commitments), pay some bills, search for job leads on internet for my college senior son, downstairs to kitchen for almonds and walnuts, read an article in Time, read local news on AOL, check local police blotter online (any old friends?), check weather, run dishwasher, do stretches, get receipts out of wallet and enter in checkbook, pack lunch for work, check planner for tomorrow, clean car out, fold laundry, take out recycling, straighten top of desk, do pushups, downstairs to kitchen for a seltzer, check e-bay, downstairs to kitchen for Cheetos, shine a pair of shoes, arrange ironing pile so my best shirts are on top, chop wood for fireplace, downstairs to kitchen for vanilla ice cream with the blueberries, make food shopping list, make to-do list, check my kids' twitter feeds, see if there is dark chocolate in the kitchen, take a walk to library and return books, dust bedroom, pay a few bills online, test pens sitting in old mug on desk (throw out dry ones), see if there is any chocolate anywhere!!!???


  1. Good idea, Bob, about giving yourself a reward for hitting a milestone! I just took a break and vaccuumed (which, for some odd reason, is most comforting to me). So, uh ... is there any chocolate?

    1. Yes, there was chocolate. You just have to know where to look. :) And I fully understand how vacuuming could work too.

  2. Bob, I really loved THE SENSE OF AN ENDING. It's one that's stuck with me. And yes to chocolate!

  3. My personal reward is a music break...


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