To do a do-over or not to do a do-over...

This month’s Smack Dab topic has been on the idea of do-overs. As I’ve read over all of the great posts made in the last 28 days, I’ve noticed that I don’t have much to add (aside from agreement). Since I don’t want to just do a do-over on any of the numerous great do-over posts I was feeling a bit stuck. While being stuck I went online and looked up the definition of do-over on ‘’. When on the site I was informed that the next definition after do-over was do-rag. I clicked on it. On this entry I learned that the do (or doo) part of do-rag was a short slang version of Hairdo! This got me to thinking that the word do-over could also be thought of as a new slang version of the word comb-over. So, maybe my post should be about my thoughts on do-overs (and by that I mean comb-overs).
My thoughts: Never. I will never sport a do-over. If I ever start to bald I will just let my remaining hairs be lonely. Even if the ageing hipsters in my neighborhood decide (as they bald) that do-overs are ironic and thus worth sporting, I will never do a do-over. If I bald, I will wear my no-hair with pride and hope that if I ever get made fun of by a group of threatening children, God will send two bears to eat them up like he did for Elisha in the Old Testament. The question on to-do-a-do-over vs. not to-do-a-do-over is an easy one for me, at least until I am actually facing the hairy problem. The End.
Mike ‘currently hairy’ Townsend.


  1. I have sported every hairdo (and color) known to man EXCEPT the do-over.

    Holly "currently blond" Schindler

  2. Great post! I love the way you've demonstrated how one idea can lead to another!


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