Gratitude comes both in bright, vibrant shades (the gratitude I have for my family, my home, love, my readers, being a published author, my editors, my agent, good health, passion for my work) and in more subtle shades (a good night's rest, fresh coffee, laughter, warm socks, flowers on the kitchen table, the beauty of my much-loved Ozarks). 

Speaking of subtle shades, our leaves this autumn are more on the subtle side.  But as I was out filming these clips, I was struck by just how beautiful subtlety can be...

I'm grateful this Thanksgiving for more reasons than I could ever put all in a single blog post.  And I hope your lives are all brimming with similar gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our lovely bloggers and readers here at Smack Dab!



  1. Thank you for the moment of peace in this hectic day, Holly, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks for all you do.

  2. Thanks Holly, for sharing your autumn images Fall is my favorite time of the year. On this Thanksgiving morning, I am so very thankful for you!


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