Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yes, I'm Working (September Theme from Jody Feldman)

It may not look like I’m working now ...
Or while I'm doing this ...
Or watching this ...
 Or straightening these ...
 But if I’d been on webcam the past couple weeks, you would have seen me do all that (a lot of all that) plus this ...
 And this ...
 And playing with these ...
 And watching stuff like this ...
 In reality, I was writing. I met ten new characters. And named them. I’m beginning to understand how they interact. I’m learning what their roles will be in the story and how the action will affect them as people. I’ve imagined where events will play out. I’ve imagined events. I’ve imagined.

If you’re a writer or illustrator or other creative type, I don’t need to tell you this. You understand exactly what I’ve been doing. Perfectly. So why did I document this? There will be days when I pretty much just play solitaire, and I will want to remember how productive that can be. Now, let’s put the black queen on the red king, shall we?


  1. Forwarding your post to my husband so that the next time he sees me playing Spider Solitaire on the computer he won't think I'm interruptable! Thanks, Jody!

  2. Haha, Tracy! Glad to be of service. And yep, Spider Solitaire is one of my go-to games as well. (The two-suit variety. I want something I can win more often than not :))

  3. Me, too, Jody! Love the solitaire. And, uh, the kitten cam ... http://new.livestream.com//fosterkittencam/TheScientistkittens

    1. For the first time I'm thankful I'm allergic to cats. I mean if I go to that website, I'll sneeze and wheeze the day away, right?

  4. I'm discovering that listening to music at the end of the day also makes for good "think" time!

    1. Yes! The right music lulls me into an amazing rhythm. I just forget to turn it on often enough.