Dear Miss Conception: September Theme

Dear Miss Conception,

Please stop plaguing me! You want what you want, you think you know everything. Well here’s some news for you—you are wrong all the time.

You think I will get this chapter written by the end of the week? Wrong!

You think if I plot out my novel in advance,  the rest of the work will flow smoothly? Nope!

You think my characters will do what I expect them to? Think again!

You think all writers earn big advances and go on tour? Ha!

You think if I only get organized I can build Rome in a day? Good luck!

Where do you get these ideas, Miss Conception? No, I won’t calm down! What did you say—you get ideas . . . from ideas? What do you mean you have to at least get an idea before you can find out if it is right or wrong? You say Conception is the most important part of your name? And that at least you give me ideas to try out? A place to start? And people can’t know everything about everything?
Hmn. Maybe you have a point.

Um. Well. Er . . . my apologies, Miss Conception.

Now, I idea for a new novel about a witch who writes an advice column for reformed black cats that I’m sure will be a blockbuster…..