Back to School! by Tyler Whitesides

I wanted to take this month to talk about some awesome adventures that I'm embarking on! My book tour has begun!

This week, I started in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. With school back in session, I've had so much fun going into the elementary schools and talking to the kids about some really fun stuff! My interactive presentation includes telling some funny stories, drumming on a garbage can, and even impersonating Jack Sparrow! More than anything, my presentation promotes reading and writing as effective ways to grow imagination. I tell about my personal experiences working as a janitor and how that led to writing my first book, Janitors. I explain how I was able to use my imagination to make seemingly ordinary things (like a mop or broom) and make them extraordinary.

I have been pleasantly overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the students. It is so rewarding to see them get excited about reading. This has been a great week... and it's only the beginning of the nationwide tour.

Check out my website,, to see if I'll be visiting a city near you!


  1. I admit to being extra intrigued by your novel because I, too, did a stint or two as janitor. And I did find it conducive to flights of imaginative fancy...but mine were more escapist in nature. How cool that you found a way to find magic in the janitor job itself!


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