Monday, May 23, 2016

Smack Dab--Out of the Classroom! The Treasure Hunt for Books, by Dia Calhoun

Summer is almost here! That means, or I hope it does, reading outside--under trees, in trees, in hammocks, on beaches, boats, camp-outs, picnics . . . .

Students always get assigned summer reading. But now is the time to ask them to make a list of three books they WANT to read this summer. This is the time to teach them the joy of recreational reading.

And if you hear the inevitable refrain . . . "I can't think of anything," send the student on a treasure hunt. Take her to the library and turn her loose to browse among the shelves. The only assignment: find three books to read that look interesting. Any books except graphic novels (we want them to READ). We need to teach the joy of random browsing among books. The joy of finding unexpected treasure that opens up your world. 

Happy Summer Reading!

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  1. Great idea...but as teachers, how many schools still have libraries? So many of our local schools no longer have library as a special anymore. No library science teachers either. So sad.