The Art of Listening: Podcasts That Inspire


Victor Hugo reminds us (Eviradnus, 1922) reminds us,


"And exclaim, by fancy stirred,

 'Hero and Leander they;

 We in listening for a word,

 Let our water fall away.' “

As we at Smack Dab continue to ponder what it means to listen for a word, I offer these podcasts that you might find inspiring.  I use these in my classes.

These eleven shorts (and free!), inspiring videos are on TED Talks: Isabel Allende speaks on the passion in your writing. Pico Iyer ponders on the meaning of home. Chimamanda Adiche talks about finding the authentic voice. Amy Tan dives deep into the creative process. Karen Thompson Walker shows how fear propels fiction. And many more, here

Literary agent Sarah Fisk – also known under the pen name as YA author Sarah Nicholas – sponsors several podcasts and videos that take a deep dive into craft concepts. Included is a list of upcoming Live Stream podcasts you might find particularly helpful. Take a listen here

Journalist Hattie Crisell interviews several authors, screenwriters, poets and more,  to gain invaluable insights into their writing habits, motivations, and unique approaches. Take a listen here.  

 Book Riot offers fresh insights into the coolest and most relevant topics in the literary world. Take a listen here

Joanna Penn and her Creative Penn explores the necessary knowledge to successfully navigate the ever-evolving publishing world. Take a listen here.  

One of my favorites, K.M. Weiland offers a guide to crafting compelling characters and polished prose. Take a listen here.  

Manuscript Academy (MSWL) offers very enlightening dialogues with agents, editors, and writers on how to navigate the challenges in your publishing journey. Take a listen here.  

Kelton Reid of The Writer Files studies renowned writers' habits and shares secrets of productivity and creativity to keep the words flowing. Listen here.  

Finally Alexa Donne is a traditionally published YA author offers crafting advice, publishing Real Talk, drafting and editing vlogs, interviews with authors, book reviews & more.  Her video on narration vs dramatization (show vs tell) is a must see. See her full playlist here

 Thank you for listening!

-- Bobbi Miller


  1. Isn't Weiland the BEST? I always turn to her when I'm stuck.

    1. She really is the very best! She's a must listen-to!


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