You Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Gone...

 by Charlotte Bennardo

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It seems good things never last; that perfect beverage, the perfect day, the perfect moment. So many things we wish could last forever, but alas, are too fleeting. Here are 5 things I wish could (and should) last longer:

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1. Summer. It's way too short. I love living/writing/relaxing poolside, working in my garden, chilling on the seashore, hiking in the woods, cycling on new trails.

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Excitement and interest over my books. There's hardly any time to make sales before a midlist author is all too soon forgotten.

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3. Our pets' lives. They pass too soon from our lives and over the rainbow bridge.

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4. Life. Most of us won't live to see 100, and even if we did, our failing bodies might make it unappealing. Wouldn't it be great to have health for at least 100 years? I could write sooo many more books, visit places, enjoy my kids and grandkids, and maybe even great grandkids.

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5. Our favorite books. It seems even if they are a series, they're never long enough! We just want to stay in that world.

There are many more things, but those are high on my list. Until next time....

Charlotte writes MG, YA, NA, and adult novels in sci fi, fantasy, contemporary, and paranormal genres. She is the author of the award-winning middle grade Evolution Revolution trilogy, Simple Machines, Simple Plans, and Simple Lessons. She co-authored the YA novels Blonde OPS, Sirenz, and Sirenz Back in Fashion. She has two short stories in the Beware the Little White Rabbit (Alice through the Wormhole) and Scare Me to Sleep (Faces in the Wood) anthologies. Having finished her MFA, she's applying what she learned and is working on several children's and adult novels, along with some short stories. She lives in NJ with her family and her floofy cat. When they trimmed the backyard tree, the crazy squirrel couple had to move out.


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