All the Revisions

January marks a new time, a fresh start, new dreams for empty pages. 

I’ve been working on revisions for my agent the last five months. Back and forth we go. She is single most challenging of this particular piece of my work, and I appreciate what she’s sees in me and my work. This manuscript. It’s not my usual style. It was not meant to be a manuscript at all. It was a few pages of characters who kept me company during a brutal winter. 

It grew, though. And grew. And grew. My critique partners told me it was "...the best thing I'd ever written."

Somehow, those characters won out. They say "...write the book you love and want to see..." Because, yes. You will read this over and over and over and then some more. Indeed, I’ve spent more time on these than any other of my manuscripts. I see the potential and direction my agent is pushing me in. So despite a new year, it’s still evolving from the past. 

As writers, we all must shove aside the doubt and fear. We have to believe in ourselves and our work. 

I look forward to writing something new after this - after I’ve done my best work here. Writing keeps building. It keeps building me. 

I’ve got the foundation. I just don’t know where all the rooms go. 

Happy reading!


  1. Wow, this is kind of inspiring to read though I know that it is hard work. It will be fun when this book finally gets into the world. Happy working, Tabatha.
    Janet Clare F.

  2. !! Writing "keeps building me." So beautiful.


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