Reconnecting with Home (Holly Schindler)

Everybody thinks their dog is the best. Even if you're a lifelong dog owner, whatever dog you currently have is also the best.

This is Gus, my current dog:

Gus isn't exactly easy to take care of. He's kind of a dog for people at the advanced pet ownership level. I'm grateful I'd already been around animals my whole life when I got him. Gus has epilepsy, which involves pretty strict adherence to a med schedule and knowing how to handle seizures (ice packs, ocular compression, etc.)

But: The thing about every creature in your life is that for every hardship there is also a payoff in equal proportion. 

Gus is friendly. Almost to a fault. By far the friendliest dog I've ever had. He loves to talk to other dogs and people. He goes on walks not to sniff funky grass stinks but to find out who's outside. 

Because of Gus, I now know all of my neighbors on a first-name basis. And that's really saying something, considering I've lived in the same neighborhood my entire life. 

It's kind of a beautiful thing, reconnecting with the neighborhood. Being able to wave and have conversations with everyone on the block. 

If I'm not online as much these days, it's because Gus has me outside, talking to a neighbor. I'm under a tree somewhere or he's running circles around my legs while I help to string Christmas lights or he's tugging on his leash, hurrying me along as I bring someone that cliched cup of sugar. 

I'd say Don't worry, we'll be home soon--but then again, the whole neighborhood pretty much feels like home anymore.


  1. Isn't it wonderful how animals have the power to bring us together. May you and Gus have a happy holiday season Holly.


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