The Ordinary Inspired Life

The inspiration for all my books has come from very ordinary, every day experiences.

The character of Ratchet was inspired by my knowledge of how to take apart and put together a small engine. 

My inspiration for Abigail came from my awkwardness during my own childhood.

The inspiration for Just Like Me came from my daughter's experience as an Asian adopted by an American family.

The inspiration to write a book set in the Okefenokee Swamp came from my own fascination with this mysterious place full of history and folklore.

The character of Samantha, who visits her grandma at a condo complex in Florida, came from my own summer experience of spending time at a similar place.

The early reader series I am currently working on is inspired by Ginger, our five-pound, 
Toy Cockapoo.

Finding ideas to write about is not magic. All it takes is paying attention to experiences, memories, and interesting people and places. And once you get into the habit of doing that, you'll realize there are amazing ideas around every ordinary twist and turn of your daily life.

Happy Reading & Writing,
Nancy J. Cavanaugh