Imagination Reignites at Winter Solstice: Smack Dab in the Imagination: Dia Calhoun

Two days past winter solstice, when the days inch longer and the nights shorter, this is the time when imagination reignites. All that has been hidden, sleeping and growing in the dark Underland, begins to emerge. Tendrils of light shoot up like tiny seedlings poking their heads from the dark. They find light and see what the wind says.

All the creative potential inside us starts to grow. Be gentle with the shoots of your imagination. Don't judge too harshly when the first inklings of that new story, poem, painting, recipe, quilt appear. Treat them tenderly. Let them grow until they are strong enough to be coaxed, shaped. Keep listening for what they want to be. After all, they know intimately of a world, that rich dark Underland, that you only know from their arrival.

Imaginations everywhere, coming out of the dark, ask for your patience now. Let the days grow longer. Watch. Tend, Cherish this potential creative project entrusting itself to you.

If you do, what glories will flower by summer.