I Dreamt I Had an Idea...by Darlene Beck Jacobson

I am the kind of person who rarely remembers her dreams.  I can wake up after a great dream and try desperately to capture the threads before I get up, often to no avail. So, imagine my surprise, my astonishment, my luck to have a dream about my next book.

Back in May, I'd finished all my writing projects and had spend days wondering what I was going to write about next. No ideas popped into my head, everything I jotted down seemed lame or didn't interest me. Then one morning I woke up with a gift. A writing miracle for this sleeper with the fleeting dreams.

I had a title, a main character, the basic premise and the format for telling the story in my head as I opened my eyes. I also had dozens of words/chapter titles swimming into my thoughts to go along with this. Before I hit the shower, I raced for a notepad and scribbled down everything I'd been reciting over and over again so as not to forget. It wasn't until I filled two pages of a legal pad that I felt secure enough to wash my face and get on with the day. A day filled with excitement and gratitude, and a prayer of thanks.  

Writing ideas come from everywhere, and sometimes they are a gift already opened, waiting to be received.