Three More Hidden Gems That Stay With Me by Darlene Beck Jacobson

A week or so ago Irene Latham shared from authors some quotes that have resonated with her.  I, too, have collected some of these HIDDEN GEMS that I keep posted on my bulletin board at my work station.
The first comes from E B White: "Genius is more often found in a cracked pot than a whole one".  I love how this reminds us that frailty and imperfection are much more unique and interesting than the sameness of perfection.  I try to keep this in mind when I flesh out characters.   E.B. White: A Biography

Kathi Appelt, MG author of THE UNDERNEATH wrote this on page 201: "Purring is like praying. To a tree, a cat's purr is the purest of all prayers, for in it lies a mix of gratitude and longing, the twin ingredients of every prayer."  For me, this reminds me to listen to the non-human voices of the world - there are so many voices in the natural world that are celebrations of life and prayer.
 The Underneath

Finally, even though he was not a middle grade author, the influence and genius of ROD SERLING - creator of the TWILIGHT ZONE - lives on.  His work has transcended generations and is still referenced in our culture. His quote: "Light candles if the darkness warrants it, but remember that your salvation is in your capacity for human warmth - in that remarkable propensity for love."  
As I Knew Him: My Dad, Rod Serling



  1. Wonderful quotes, Darlene! I love quotes and collecting them. In fact, collected a recent one while doing research on Dr. Seuss. His father once told him: "You will never be sorry for anything you never said." :)

  2. Thanks Donna and Annie. I also love quotes and find a lot of inspiration in them.


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