The Generosity and Kindness of Authors

So I know the theme for this month is "Short," but it's already March tomorrow! March's theme is "Acts of writerly kindness," and I am currently in awe of how generous and kind writers are. I decided to start an auction to try to raise funds for author Paul Mosier's family. His daughter Harmony has a rare cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma, and their insurance isn't paying for her current treatment. Inspired by other auctions I've seen in the kidlit world, I decided to start one for Paul's daughter, not knowing what to expect as far as donations are concerned.

Well, I have been overwhelmed by donations from authors. It seems everyone wants to help out when they see a fellow author in need. I am completely humbled and grateful to be a part of this amazing writing community. The generosity and kindness of writers is a huge part of what has made my own publishing journey such a wonderful and memorable experience.

If you'd like to bid on an item for our auction, you may find the information on my website. Thank you so much for all the love and support!


  1. What a wonderful and kind way to begin the new month. Blessings to all who are part of this effort! xo


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