With Thanks to Librarians by Deborah Lytton

Looking back at the Saturdays I spent with my father at the local library, I can still see the children's librarian helping me to find that perfect book. She was patient and kind and knew every single title on the shelf. In my new series, RUBY STARR, ten-year old Ruby is close with both her school librarian and her local librarian. One of the things that bonds Ruby to these two characters is their mutual love for books. As writers, we connect to librarians professionally as well as through our mutual love for books. When my first MG novel was published in 2009, I didn't know anything about book publishing or what to do once my book was actually released. I learned through the help of a group of other debut authors, the Class of 2k9. We had a website together and cross-promoted on social media and at events, but most importantly, we supported one another with advice and friendship. It was the other writers in the Class of 2k9 who suggested each of us write book guides for librarians and offer them on our websites. In our group emails, I learned about taking my own books to libraries and introducing myself. Our work isn't finished when the book reaches the shelf. In many ways, it is just beginning. Delivering copies to librarians is the best way to make a personal connection because we work together to share books and reading with young people. So much of book promotion becomes about book sales and rankings. But reaching out to librarians is about the words in our stories. It's about sharing those words with the eight-year old reader who is looking for the perfect book to read on a rainy Saturday afternoon. It's a reminder of why we write. I am truly grateful to all the librarians who work with kids every day in schools and in local libraries and encourage them to read and inspire them to love books. It is an honor to work with them. They are changing the world one reader at a time.


  1. Love my 2k9 sister! Beautiful post--love that you said "our work isn't finished when the book reaches the shelf." --So true!

  2. YES! It is an absolute honor to work with these librarians.


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